What did athletes have to say? 



Evan McNeely

Forward Racing / Norco - MTB Pro


“Nicks experience and knowledge helped me win 4 National Championship titles over my career in cyclocross and mountain bike. He’s proven to be an asset as a coach, both for elite racers and masters competitors."

Mike Woods 

EF Education First-Drapac pb Cannondale - Road Pro


I worked with Nick for over 3 years while I was still based primarily in Ottawa, and his connections and knowledge of the sport were what helped me break into cycling's highest ranks.  Through his guidance and support I learned a great deal from Nick.  His passion for cycling is contagious, and his positive energy is a great motivator.  Whether you are looking to tackle your first gran fondo, or trying to rise up the ranks of competitive cycling, Nick is the coach for you.


Woods bio pic.jpg


Warren MacDonald - Local Elite - Road and CX

I want to start this off by saying how unforgiving cycling can be at any level, let alone trying to compete with paid pros, etc.   So if you are going to give it a try at any level, and you want to reap the rewards of a well thought out plan, Nick Vipond is a coach understands how to make that happen, you just have to give it all your best effort, and you’ll see what I mean.   Its not a magic formula, you just have to follow the plan, put the time in, and you will see the results.

Nick knows how to make the plan work for you, and work for your demanding schedule, whatever it may be.   I am a professional in the finance sector for a private corporation, I have 2 kids, a wife, and a dog. To say the least, we are SUPER busy.   Yet, I can find at least 1 hour or so a day, even after 10pm at night, to fit in some training for the sport that I love, but with the help of Nick, this hour a day, or so is used effectively.  I have worked with Nick since the winter of 2013, and he has always understood what to do with my limited time to ensure that when I line up, race with my team, etc, that I have confidence in my fitness, and my ability to compete and support at the Cat 1 level, at the age of 41.   Now…I may have to shift gears next year, but hey, I’ll still be dialing it all in with Nick’s help.

I’d recommend Nick to anyone looking to achieve their goals, even if its just to have super fitness for a trip to the French Alps.